• SV10 Halide Underwater Lights by Sea Vision

The SV 10 LED is the brightest thru hull LED underwater light available to owners of GRP and wood boats. Utilizing the latest high density chip LEDs combined with the proven and reliable thru hull from the SV10 HID produces a winning combination. As with all thru hull lights servicing and maintenance can be completed from inside the boat so this task is not limited to haul out periods. This light is suitable for all mid to large vessels including Yachts, sport fishers and cruising boats that have available A/C power.

Product Description

The SV 10 offers the largest aperture of all the fiberglass models giving maximum light output from the 150 watt or 250watt metal halide lamp. It can be installed in the transom or the hull and is suitable for boats with 110-230 volt AC power, including sportfish, yachts and cruisers. 

Specs: 5.12" x 7.56", 150W or 250W 110VAC or 230VAC HID Halide, Marine Bronze / Marine Aluminum Casting.

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SV10 Halide Underwater Lights by Sea Vision

  • $2,195.95